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Kimberlee Naylor


Hi friends! I'm Kimberlee and I'm so glad you're here (well, at least some of you). I'm a coffee sippin' introvert, and working mama with a passion to encourage others who find themselves overwhelmed by the everyday chaos life brings  in our young adult lives - I often find myself in these places, too. When I'm off the "momming" clock (is there such a thing, though?), I work a full-time remote job in my new-ish home state, Arizona (born and raised in California, babyyy). As I'm sure you'll learn quite a bit about me through this space, I want to point out a few current facts that will be emphasized throughout:

1)I tell it how I see and feel it

3)Anxiety is a frenemy of mine

4)I love me some oat milk vanilla lattes (but you can never go wrong with the classic cup of black coffee).

How As Told By Kimber Got Here


If you had asked me five years ago what I could see myself doing today, having a blog would not have been one of the things on my five year plan. To write boldly to people - most of whom I don't know personally - on a platform that causes me to over think everything?

My introverted-hermit-college going self didn't even consider it an option. And if I did, I would have scolded the thought.

Little did I know, I would discover a passion to write. And not just journal entries to spew out words stuck in my own head, but content with a purpose. Words that light fires within someone else to pursue what they never thought possible for themselves either. Did this new identity present itself suddenly and come at ease for me? Oh, heck no.

Fun fact about me is I know all too well what it means to regrettably allow your inner critic to take the mic, jump on stage and go wild on what you're doing wrong, yet say nothing of the potential good. I got lost in the pity-parties and hardly got to what mattered because the noise of doubt and comparison were drowning all else out.

With the help of dear friends and mentors, I had a good kick in the pants and was inspired to write a different narrative.

One where my inner critic has very limited use of the mic. 

It was then that I finally began the delicate process of creating As Told by Kimber.

The early stages of ATBK took place in a Huntington Beach Starbucks in 2015 during my early coffee runs before I ran back to my nanny job. 

It's now 2022 and I can sadly attest it has been placed on and off the priority list. 

Until recently. 

I created this site with a few intentions. First and foremost, I want to share some of my experiences (the bad, the good, and the in between) with the hope of inspiring and encouraging you, my reader, to be authentic in a world hungry for perfection. That through the words I say (however fumbled and jumbled), you would be reminded that if we simply open our eyes and heart to it, grace and purpose can surely be found within the brokenness we see and feel so often. That as I'm going through struggles, triumphs and all the awkward moments that got me there (trust me, there are many), I can utilize those past and present experiences to draw us back to the refreshing fact that every single day brings us a new opportunity to cling to and chase after our passions and purpose. 

Another reason (yep, that was one thing) is to provide unique ideas on how to brighten up and simplify your everyday: from minimalistic recommendations, semi-obnoxious mom content and recipes.

I got you, boo.


So here's to chasing after what challenges and strengthens us, the remarkable people we encounter, and the sweet coffee we drink on the journey.



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