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Autumn & Winter Wear for Toddler's

simple clothing for cooler seasons

As a parent, purchasing clothes for your kiddos is can seem like a never ending thought, landing a spot in the back of your mind with the forever present "what should we eat for dinner?".

They don't fit into much for long, and there are so many options as to what they could wear and where you can get it. 

Taking a step back before jumping ahead - I'm all about simplifying where possible, and finding closet staples (or a capsule wardrobe) is one way we do that: fewer pieces of clothing that mix and match really well with one another, providing several outfit options.


When there are too many choices in what to wear, we risk:

1) spending an excess amount of money (yes, even if it's on sale)

2) creating clutter (mentally and physically)

3) not getting our money's worth (either because the quality wasn't great so it didn't pass the test of time, or you didn't wear it more than a handful of times because you didn't love it).

So how does that apply to a toddler? Don't they need more options?

Not necessarily. Though it's obvious that children get their clothes dirty regularly compared to adults (food, "blow outs", fun in the dirt, etc.), that doesn't mean they need too many extra's. 

What you'll see here is 85% of what we have for our daughter this time of year (the other 15% are items we've grabbed from the thrift store or were lent to us by friends/family). Some of the 15% are what we keep at her day care because, as I've mentioned, kid's are just messy - and that's not a bad thing!


Please keep in mind...

this post isn't meant to be a dig at anyone who buys a large amount of clothing for their child(ren). 

It's really to encourage anyone who doesn't have the ability or mindset to purchase a ton of items, and may feel pressured to do so in order to check a certain mom or dad box, to be enough as a parent. 

You are providing for and dressing your kiddo(s) the best way you know how, price tag and design does not matter after that.

Another reason for this is to share some pretty nifty toddler clothes (laying out my daughters clothes for the day is officially more fun then getting myself ready. Ah, parenting).


You'll see a pattern in this list in that we are pretty loyal to a few companies. This is for a couple reasons:

1) I loathe having too many options (I can't say it enough, obviously)

2) the quality is just that good. Many of these, I know, will last several months rather than just 1-2 months.

3) The designs are different. We have our share of bright colored and pattern pajamas, shirts and leggings. But these items are very much down our ally with the muted colors, soft material and unique styles (all for a non-obnoxious amount of money - sorry, I don't need to spend more on a shirt for tiny person than I spend on myself, thanks).

Staples v.2

Autumn & Winter Wear for Toddlers

1) Bottoms

ZaraKids Ribbed Leggings ($12-$20; 3mos - 5T)

We first purchased a few pairs of Zara's ribbed leggings when Sequoia was about 1 year old and let me tell you, they are a constant go-to, especially in the coller months. They have a wide selection (but not an overwhelming amount) of colors and patterns. Be sure to get your child's measurement's before ordering anything from Zara, as they tend to be a larger fit, depending on the material. 

Kindred Clothing Co Bamboo Leggings ($34 ; 0mos - 6T) 

These are a bit steep in price considering they're for a toddler, but they last so long, which makes them pretty worth it. The quality of this company's clothes are like no other, and because of the materials, they stretch out really well, growing with your child in a way that's comfortable (so long, tight waist bands with no give). As an example, Sequoia was wearing the 9-12 months size until she was 18 months.


Target / Cat & Jack Pull-On Shorts ($4; 12mos - 5T) 

These are great when paired with over sized sweaters or under a dress. These shorts are true to size.

2) Sweaters & Jackets

ZaraKids ($15-$30; 6mos - 5T)

I've expressed my love for the sweater's at Zara's before, and I'll continue to sing praises. We grabbed a few this time around, mostly oversize pullover sweaters with soft lining on the inside and many months or use to come.

GAP Kids Windbreaker ($44; 12mos - 5T)

We snagged a different pattern of this jacket at a thrift store last year (size 18-24 mos), and it still has some time left to be warn! This is currently the only "jacket" in Q's closet.

Kindred Clothing Co ($49; 0mos - 6T)

Sequoia is still wearing her juniper Wonderfully Made pull over we got her before her 1st birthday last year (size 1T-2T).

This year, we got a new one (size 3T) in their Be You pattern.

3) Tops & Dresses

ZaraKids ($8 - $18; 3mos - 5T) 

Decisions, decisions! You can't go wrong with whatever you decide to get in this arena, especially with this kind of selection. For example, he oversized t-shirts really are "oversized". Sequoia is currently wearing the 12-18 months size and it fits perfectly. And the Mock Neck Sweater Dress? Need this in my size, please.

Quincy Mae ($33; 0mos - 3T)

Still can't get over the color palette of Quincy Mae. We grabbed the short sleeve flutter dress several months ago and use it now as more of a shirt then a dress for Sequoia - the way the neck and sleeves are made with this company make it super simple to go from dress to top.

4) Shoes, Socks & Tights

Ten Little ($39 - $46; sizes 4 - 13)

These are the only closed toed shoe's we get for Sequoia at this point. We started out with a couple of other brands, but there were a list of reasons that led us searching for something like Ten Little (one of the main one's being there wasn't much wiggle room for her toes in other shoes). TL recently released their Mary Jane shoes, and more colors in their Everyday High Top. They also sell socks..and stickers for the shoes..okay I'm done.

Native Sandals ($30; sizing varies)

Okay, hear me out. Depending on where you live, there will be days where your child will still wear sandals. And for those days, I highly recommend Native. 

JamieKay Tights ($11; newborn - 6T)

These tights are so soft and will keep your babe's legs warm when wearing a dress or long sweatshirt!