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Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento County

 a unique experience for all

It takes a lot of trust to base your decision of whether or not to go somewhere off of another persons' opinion - so please know I don't talk about these place's lightly. 

If you've followed me around for a while now, you know I have a sensitivity to dairy, gluten and a lot of coffee beans (depending on how they're grown, harvested and roasted - my body and my mind are sensitive). This can be a nuisance since one of my favorite pass times is going out to grab coffee alone or with friends.

That is until I came to know and adore each of the coffee shops and roasters below. 

I've lived in the Sacramento area for three years now, and there have definitely been some places I wouldn't go back to or suggest to someone looking for a good cup o' joe to go. 

And then there are places where my wallet would probably prefer I visit less often. 

The selection is based on the four things below (in no specific order). Each of the coffee shops really hit them all:

1. Above and Beyond Customer Service (friendliness of the barista's & their knowledge of the menu)

2. Welcoming Atmosphere (would I want to hang out for awhile here?)

3. Flavor's of the Coffee / Tea 

4. Variety of Menu Items / Alternatives 

Whether you live in the area, passing through, or planning  a trip to Northern California, I am sure there is something here for you (even if you don't like coffee).

Locations for the cafe's and roasters are linked with the name as it relates below. 

multiple locations: Folsom, Sacramento, Arden, Davis


Where do I even begin with the first on the list? Temple has several locations in Northern California, with their most recent shop opening in Folsom, CA. Each location has a unique and modern atmosphere in their simple design - making you want to stay with a book, good company or a laptop to get work done for hours. Their barista's really know their way around an espresso machine and will always have honest input about their menu (so questions are always welcome). 

They have a wide variety of gluten free, dairy free and nut free food items that taste amazing, as well as milk alternative's for those with sensitivities or allergies (oh, and your drink will taste just as good if not better than with whole milk or half-and-half.

They also have mugs, hats, shirts and other items you can purchase in the shop or on their website here (for yourself or the coffee lover you've come to know).

Gotta Try It: Orange-Cream Cold Brew (seasonal for Summer!)

My Go-To: Lemon-Lavender Muffin (gluten free), Oat-Milk Vanilla Latte

multiple locations: Roseville, Folsom


When I saw WTCR opened a location near us a couple years ago, I had to try it (yes, the appeal was mainly in the design and velvet sofa's, sue me). Combining their love for travel with their passion for great coffee, they discover unique high quality coffee beans from around the globe and roast them to perfection.

World Traveler's use's the cast iron Giesen coffee roaster that is hand constructed in the Netherlands to roast their beans and bring out the full characteristics of each coffee. No cup is ever boring, and every sip is smooth.

Hardly do I ever see a menu that surprises me - but this place definitely did. Not limited to pastries or egg based dishes, World Traveler's offers food that will fill you up with zero regrets.

Gotta Try It: Calabrian Chicken Sandwich, Pineapple Lemonade

My Go-To:  Orchid Rose Oat Milk Latte & Oatmeal with Honey, Nuts and Fruit

multiple locations throughout the USA


I know, I know - Peet's is not just located in Sacramento, CA (they have cafe's in 9 out of the 50 states in the USA - my vote is they go further).

However, since I believe the Folsom and Midtown Sacramento locations have some of the best barista's, I'm going to brag about that a little bit. 

Though I will always have a heart for local coffee shops that are  are starting out in their business endeavors for many reasons, Peet's will always hold the "chain coffee shop" portion of my heart. My main concern with popular coffee shops is the drink will taste completely different depending on the location you go to. Surprisingly enough, the people who work at Peet's really have it down with how to make your order the way you want it, and the way it should be each time.


Each of their locations have space for you to sit and mingle (or introvert), along with a bunch of merchandise that is hard to resist. Their menu and roasted beans are my personal favorite (we love the Major Dickason's Dark Roast Blend). 

The main down side is they don't have a food menu that is super friendly to those with gluten, wheat or dairy allergies/sensitivities. They do have a GF brownie, and travel boxes with fruits, nuts, and other goods. 

Gotta Try It: Iced Green Tea Tropical, Black Tie Cold Brew

My Go-To: Iced Almond Milk Vanilla Latte & Egg White Frittata

305 Iron Point Road | Folsom, CA 95630

If you know me at all, you know trying new things is not a well-known trait I have. However, that changes as soon as I step foot in Kingdom Coffee Roasters. I don't trust a lot of barista's, but when I ask someone behind the expresso machine what they'd recommend, I'd be remiss not to try it. KCR has one location, making it truly one-of-a-kind, with a menu that reflects their ingenuity and knowledge of what an unforgettable beverage or breakfast item should be like.

Their cafe is pretty open and quiet, allowing you to get work done, or have time to catch up with your bestie - be aware that there is not a ton of seating to go around for bigger parties. 

Gotta Try It: Avocado Toast on Sour Dough Bread, Hibiscus Lemonade (what dreams are made of), Nitrogen infused iced coffee

My Go-To: Honey Cinnamon Oat Milk Latte (iced)


2417 J Street, Suite 100 |Sacramento, CA 95816

This is technically an ice cream and donut shop first - but don't let that fool you from thinking the coffee, tea and lemonade couldn't meet high expectations. They went above mine, to be perfectly honest. I first went to Babe's when I was craving a box of donuts, but didn't want the headache that always followed.

Babe's was founded by Pushkin's Bakery, a local vegan and gluten-free eatery that has been around since 2013. At Babe's, they have incredible treats made with natural ingredients that will blow you out of the water (whether or not you have a sensitivity or allergy to wheat, gluten or dairy - these are the best). Babe's has a welcoming environment like no other, and have coloring and crossword pages for the kiddos too (or for you, because why not?).

So while you're grabbing a few donuts or ice cream, be sure to try something from their refreshing coffee and tea menu! 

Gotta Try It: Purple Tea Lemonade (trust me)

My Go-To: Regular iced coffee & lemon poppy seed donut hole


multiple locations: Sacramento, Davis


This place is truly unique  - if you were only able to stop by one place, I would vote for this one. The work that goes into each cup of tea and brewed coffee is sensed as soon as you walk through the doors of their midtown cafe, or up to the table at the Davis Farmer's Market (Saturdays, 8am - 1pm). Patchamama's founding farmers in Peru joined forces with fellow farmers in Nicaragua and Guatemala and collectively roast and brand their best coffees in the United States (read their full story here). They are 100% farmer owned and offer roasted beans and goods that go above and beyond the average cafe to get it done just right. Their seating at their Midtown Cafe is open, spacious and reflects the Peruvian culture beautifully.

p.s. they don't charge extra for milk alternatives (win win win).

Gotta Try It: Oat Milk Matcha Latte with Strawberry Syrup

My Go-To:  Brown Sugar Maple Syrup Cold Brew

multiple Sacramento locations


Last and certainly not least: The Mill. I would've never thought to check this place out if it weren't for a friend's recommendation - mostly because it was a "hidden gem" (yes, even with the bright blue door practically shouting "I'm here, please come in!" I consider it a hidden gem). I would 100% back up their claim to be "uplifting, nuanced and at [their] best wholesome in character". The founders, Ilah and Nick, started out with their booth at the local farmer's market in 2013. When their coffee stand began to thrive, they opened up a coffee shop a few blocks from where it all began. In 2017 the the couple launched Bouquet Coffee Roasters, a thoughtful extension of The Mill, operating as a retail and wholesale coffee & tea company.

The Mill specializes in a wide range of coffee and tea beverages (seriously such a great tea menu), along with a few sweet treats. If you're looking for a long list of food options, this may not be your stop.

Gotta Try It: Chrysanthemum Flower Tea (iced), Wildwood Flower Latte

My Go-To: Iced White Mocha or French Press Coffee

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