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Top Walmart Picks for Tots

(for $10 or less)

Alternative working title: buy 'em cheap sh*t before they remember to hate you for it


Why am I surprised to find great items at Walmart?

Okay, so It might be that I become extremely overwhelmed when entering the store - be it the lights or how things are organized (or lack there of). 

All that aside (oh and the fact that quality isn't necessarily a priority and I avoid stores religiously went to growing up) - we'd be foolish to believe there is nothing good to be found on the grounds. 


Before I get ahead of myself, I thought you should know

none of these products are "must haves".

You and the toddler(s) in your life will carry on fine without them, I am positive.

Just because some rando on the internet finds them beneficial doesn't mean you have to.

If you like the recommendations, great, this wasn't a complete waste of your time.


That said, the list curated below is intended to be a resource of "hey, I didn't know this was sold here, and it's not hideous or terribly made" (said most people who walk into a Walmart, probably).


Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are my top 20 finds for toddlers from Walmart.


walmart goods for tots


the handy & quite dandy

Once we stopped using the "non slip" bowls and plates for Sequoia, I went straight for a brand that makes their products using recycled milk jugs: Replay. And when I saw Walmart sold them I was also sold. Take my money. 

This saves my sanity every time I need to get something from the dresser or bathroom drawer, particularly the spaces that hold the smaller items like hair clips, travel lotions, a left over doughnut Sequoia was saving for later, etc. Even when things are tossed in there without the thought of being organized, it still gives the illusion of "I'm put together". Don't we just love pulling that kind of  of having it all together?

This and an ice cube tray are what I use when putting some snacks for Q together. It's all separated, you can make each compartment a different "color" (strawberries, cucumber, crackers, protein, etc.). It grabs their attention, travels well (enough), and makes it easy to grab and eat what they want (and hello, easier clean up), 

Hello savior of summer time. And you have straws on you? Oh for sure, you can come home with me.

It does what it needs to do, and it won't cost a wierd amount of money. Who'da thunk it? We have this one for Q to use in the bathroom to use the sink (and turn off and on the lights in the entire house at random, apparently). 

Sunnies -  $4 - $10

You can get these pretty much everywhere - and though I will always recommend grabbing a pair of these for $20 for your little who loves to test the elasticity of their sunglasses, Walmart offers a ton of options at affordable costs. Sequoia is currently rocking a pair of July 4th inspired sunglasses we got for under $5. 

The only other sun shade I've had in the car for Q is this one from Amazon, and it's amazing, but has been falling off recently (more so because she likes to pull at it). Enter this pack of 2 safety cling shades. For $8, you get 2 easy breezy shades to stick on the window that actually do their job. I haven't had any issues yet with it moving out of place and we live in Arizona where the sun doesn't quit. Heads up: I suggest letting the clings "air out" before you apply to the window(s) as they have a strong scent (rubber do be like that sometimes). 

Oh, yes these are Re-play again - how kind of you to ask. They have a wide variety of cups to choose from - sippy cups, travel tumblers, and more. 

Self Adhesvie Wall Hooks - 2 for $4

So I can't find the link for the exact ones I grabbed, but they exist, I swear. Currently have a couple hanging just outside of the closet in Q's room for her hat and backpack. It's adorable, and convenient for her to grab things at her own height.

I'm on a roll with all things food-that-travels, here. This is super handy for those trips to the park and you want to consolidate all the eats in one space, while staying cool. 

the still useful (but more fun)stuff

If your child despises bath time, grab this set of 5 bath friendly crayons for and I'm pretty sure they'll be good to go. Sequoia will often go to the bathroom to draw on the bathtub when there is no bath running in sight - I mean, why not? Washable and non-toxic, too, for those crunchy  parents who care.

Books - $5 - $10

I'm a little bitter that I didn't think to look at WalMart for children's books right away, especially after seeing they sell some classics like Little Blue Truck, Eric Carle board books and Where the Wild Things Are. All under $10. Come on, man. 

Clothes on clothes on clothes -$cheaper than where you usually go

Let's be honest, at first glance, the clothing section looks like the princess from the board game Candyland made a new home and the Power Puff girls teamed up with Marvel characters to vomit on everything. It's like one of Walmarts' goals is to avoid neutrals at all costs possible. Howeverif you look past the bright hues of pink and blue, you'll find some great items that are solid, comfortable and neutral (I am shook). Recently grabbed some new linen shorts for Q with a stretchy waist band, and some light and flowy tanks that don't make me want to burn my eyes. 

I know I was bashing on the quality of Walmart's stuff earlier (sorry but not really), and these towels are actually pretty great. They also only have one job, so, the bar isn't too high.

I originally bought a set of these at Target for more money and ya'll. they are the only bath toys we have (unless you consider those crayons "toys"). 

I don't know how to categorize these

Stickers - $1 - $5

Stickers for the car, for the room, for the fridge, for the trashcan. It's pretty much an Oprah show with stickers.

Cards (yep, you read that right) - $1 - $3

You know when you're in a situation where 1) it's a toddler's birthday and a card is expected but also, it's a shouldn't spend $5 on paper they could care less about, or 2) have the toddler send someone a card that cost $5 or more. Be fair to yourself. Set limits. It's okay. 

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