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17 Common Items I Don't Own

& what I use instead

Alright, ya'll, I'm going to tell it to you straight: I like stuff.

Just thought I'd clear the air before the following relays the message that I don't.

some background before we get ahead of ourselves

I don't consider myself a "minimalist" by popular definition since there are several lifestyle choices and all-be-it stereotypes associated that I don't necessarily see myself fitting into.


So I've made up my own version, and it works for me (let's call it kimberlism).


If you're looking to cut some things out, and aren't sure how - or you want some reassurance that you really don't need the bright and shiny items on sale: I got you.

okay, okay, one more thing

We are all wired differently, so what may bring a smile to my face or makes the most sense to me, may not be the same for you.

And that's okay (not that you need me to say that, but there you go).

We live according to our means and circumstances and our lifestyle choices reflect that, and it even changes over time.


In other words - this is a no judgment zone.


Make your space yours.

items i don't own
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Image by Daniel Salgado
Image by Gabrielle Henderson

common items I don't own & what I use instead

the kitchen

1. Toaster or Toaster Oven

When it comes to toasting anything, we simply put what needs toasting on the top rack of the oven and set the broiler to high broil. It toasts fairly quick, so be sure to keep an eye on it, and flip after a couple minutes (or, you know, put the broiler on the low setting).

2. Electric Mixers

I know, I know - the hand held electric mixers aren't that expensive. But it's more of a space issue for us, and less of an acknowledgment that there are benefits to having a hand mixer or stand mixer. There's also not much of a need for one with the dishes we make. Though when it comes time to bake, it's a tad of a challenge - but we make due with our whisk (and I get a little work out, so there's that). I often use my frother for powdered drinks, frothing my coffee creamer and even whipping cream!

3. Food Processor

We use our Ninja blender for sauces, dressings, smoothies, soups and even to make nut or oat flours. No need for extra equipment when the one available has more then one use, right?

4. Dish Rack

This is a reasonable item to have - we just don't like them (call us odd, it's okay we know). When Jason and I were first married, we had one that lived on and took over the tiny apartments counter top since we didn't have a dishwasher for 2 years. At some point I just grew a distaste for them. For the last 4 years, we've used a few of our thicker dishtowels by laying them on the counter and placing the wet dishes there. We try to get to drying the dishes right away to make space, but if we don't, it's not a big deal (kind of like our laundry waiting to be folded).

5. Coffee Filters

In today's world, it's not as common to have coffee filters laying around, especially with Keurig and Nespresso pods reigning high. But even with classic coffee pots, it's likely you don't need to have paper filters. When we use our Cuisinart coffee machine, we use the stainless steel mesh filter it came with. Most days, we make coffee with our Bodum French Press, so really there's not filter required (and it's much easiler to clean - other coffee makers have a lot of places mold can hide).

6. Instant Pot

I feel like a crock pot is good enough (shun the non believer, I know). I've heard great things from instant pot users (I mean, who doesn't like food to be done sooner, right?). For us, it's a purchase that just doesn't make sense. I find a lot of joy from making things with my hands, and the slow process of prepping a meal. 

the living room

7. Coffee Table & End Tables

Story time: when Jason and I were first married, we didn't have much furniture unless it was borrowed or bought for very little. We ended up buying a set (coffee table +2 end tables) for a deal and had it out up until Sequoia started to walk the end of last year. The corners were kind of sharp and though we could've managed our way around it somehow, we weren't very attached so we sold them. Since then, we haven't really seen a need - and we also really love how much more space we have!

8. Book Case

The books we have either reside on our dresser or in the office. Once we decide it's time to get shelving in the living room, it'll be floating shelves (my sister has these from Amazon, great for decor and smaller items). These are also great. 

9. Seasonal Throw Pillows

Initiate the eye-roll-wave. This is more so due to my indecision paralysis, in all honestly: there are so many options out there I can't land on even a few. The sofa set we have came with some basic pillows and it works for what we need them for.


10. Hair Dryer

Maybe it's because "mom life" has given me the ability to care less about my appearance, including wet hair. I use the Aquis hair towel. It doesn't provide an instant dry, but it does speed up the process and allows me to do other things while my hair goes from sopping wet to damp. 

11. Makeup Remover Wipes

I won't get into exactly why I don't use these anymore, so I'll just refer anyone interested to this video. I use a cleansing balm or cleansing oil before washing my face with face wash. It honestly does a better job and helps my skin feel and look better too

12. Foundation

When we started to work from home, I used way less makeup: mainly foundation. Instead, I use a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen, right now I'm using Bare Minerals' Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream with SPF and it's changing the way I get ready for the day in the best way. It gives just the right amount of coverage, has a bit of a glow and doesn't cake up like a lot of tinted moisturizers out there. 

13. Belt

Last time I had a belt it was to go over my shirt as an accessory. I don't personally find a need for one if the jeans I wear fit just fine. And also I wear yoga pants more than jeans so the need goes even lower. 

14. Perfume

I worked in an office where there was a no scent policy as there were employee's who had sensitivities to extreme scents (from perfumes to laundry detergent). Since then, I've just grown out of the desire to use perfume. However, if I ever get one in the future, it'd be from Dime Beauty, whose fragrances are clean and all things good - they even have a sample set so you don't have to commit to spending it all on one.


15. Facial Tissues

I just use toilet paper. Watching an emotionally heavy documentary? grab myself a roll of toilet paper. Feeling sick? No fret, I got me a roll of TP by my side.  

16. Dryer Sheets

We've never used dryer sheets - partly because of the sensitivity to fragrance, and also because it never was a purchase either Jason or I had in our households growing up. Instead, we just use tennis balls, not necessarily to "soften" but to de-wrinkle and quicken the drying process.

17. Air Freshners

What? Another product that has a scent? Yeah. Nothing in the bathrooms and nothing in the living area. We typically have the windows open (weather permitting) to get fresh air flowing through the home (and also turn on the fan because nobody wants to smell that, right?).

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