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My 5-Step Guide to Styling Christmas Gifts

Fa-La-La(ing) in Love with Wrapping


Well a holly jolly day to you! (that sounded better in my head, but we're going with it anyways)

I am so stinking excited to be writing a post on CHRISTMAS!

*turns on Happy Holidays by Andy Williams and dances awkwardly*


Halloween and Thanksgiving have quickly come and gone, and I have absolutely zero chill.

I love the end of the year for oh so many reasons - one of them being that I can wear yoga pants and comfy sweaters all day every day and not over heat.

For the love.


Another reason is ... the gifts! I'm not talking about receiving them, here (though I won't turn away a good present). In this post, I'm talking all about GIFT WRAPPING! (again, no chill)

Buying a gift is exciting in itself, but the task of wrapping that gift has always been more fun for me (shocker: going to crowded stores with amazingly kind people is not my favorite thing ever).

It's someone's birthday? I'm putting in a lot of effort toward that gifts presentation. Christmas? You best believe I pull out my favorite ribbons and tags.

I'm seriously contemplating wrapping empty boxes to keep under the tree (oh wait, I already did).  The thoughtfulness that goes into the gift wrapping is where at least half the joy of receiving it is, in my opinion. It's for that reason I wanted to create a list on you how you can make your gifts stand out this year, too.


To help make wrapping presents more enjoyable and less stressful for you, here are my tips on how to create that wonderfully wrapped gift every time without the fuss - and also some photos to inspire you along the way ;) 



1) Choose Your Color Palette: The best way to start when you have multiple gifts to wrap is to select your color palette - a small range of colors that compliment each other well. Are you going for cooler, earthy tones? Vibrant pinks and teals? Or the classic green, red and gold? Once you know what scheme of colors you're looking for,  get moving with the thrill of choosing those patterns (yes, it's a thrill, okay?). Get inspired by those "too-good-to-be-truly-wrapped-by-you" ads and be creative with what you decide to purchase - your creative mind makes for the best results, trust me. I typically go with dark greens and reds, and compliment them with lighter toned ribbons and tags (however, I will go for colorful patterns if they aren't too "loud").

To simplify your search, create a list to refer to before heading out to the stores. If you end up getting a thing or two that weren't initially on your list because you hadn't thought of it but you love it, don't beat yourself up for that!


2) Grab Your Favorite Holiday Bev's + Friends: Okay, so this isn't a technical tip on how to wrap presents - but it's one I recommend none-the-less to make your gift wrapping season more enjoyable (yes, even for us introverts). Last year, a friend and I decided to wrap our presents together and you guys, it took us about 4-6 hours. We didn't have that many presents, but holy cow it is an entire operation if you choose to wrap everything in a day! Though it's long and tedious, it can be oh so joyful to spend that time listening to Christmas tunes, sipping on peppermint mocha's (basic) and wrapping gifts with friends. I will warn you, the last gifts may turn out to look like garbage with a pretty sticker thrown on for good measure because expectations should just be lowered at that point. This ain't Gimble's and we are not Buddy the Elf. Moving on.

Life Tip_ go to a coffee shop you usuall

3) Purchase Bulk, When Possible: If you find the supplies you need in multi-packs - especially things like scotch tape and ribbon - get it. Why? Because odds are you'll use it next year - or even for birthdays - and you're saving money in the long run. I got a 3 and 5-pack of gift bags from Target a few years ago for $3 and $6 - here are some similar options. They're simple, multi-functional and can be dolled up with patterned tissue paper (got mine from the Hearth and Hand from Magnolia brand), a festive tag (Target), sticker and/or ornament (Khol's) - see below! 


4) Be Thrifty: Something I have to remind myself of when it comes to gift wrap is to consider who I'm wrapping it for. Another thing is that wrapping a gift doesn't need to cost you a bazillion dollars in order to make it beautiful. This is something I tend to forget when I come across gorgeous wrapping paper that go by $5 - $10 per sheet (like...why?). Going for something simple like a brown paper package tied up with string, for example, can be all you need for your base (cue Julie Andrews singing her jam). I take a brown grocery bag, turn it outside in, wrap the gift and tie it up with some twine or ribbon.

However, when it comes to buying gift wrap that cost's more than .10 with the purchase of groceries, it's possible you consider stopping by the local discount stores like Marshall's. But have you considered the Dollar Tree? Though it's definitely okay to "splurge" on a sheet or two of eye-catching holiday gift wrap or a bag you know will stay in the family or be taken very fondly by someone else, not everybody will unwrap the gift like it's fine china inside in order to save the gift wrap for themselves (it me).  The Dollar Tree has some great selections that are not all covered in Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman wannabe's. Keep an eye out for simple patterns, here - stripes, polka dots, plaid - and make them pop with something extra at the end. Another great thing about the gift wrap at the Dollar Tree is it comes with the grids on the other side so you can measure and cut just the right amount of paper for the gift. Get that fancy paper with unique patterns elsewhere (like Paper Source!) for those special someone's. The paper and gift bags are only the base of the present - don't put all your money into this.


5) The Finishing Touches: This is where it gets fun and the possibilities are quite endless.  Tags, ribbon and fun stickers are what turn your once basic red and green box into a real work of art (yes, that's what I'm calling it). So where are the best places to look for these items? For tags, I snag a handful from Target's Bullseye's Corner (aka the dollar section - where we end up spending $50 minimum because that's how Target rolls). They have a variety of gift tags from bright and cheery to classic and shimmery (also, LOL I lost the one with a coffee cup that said "sorry Santa, I'll be nice after coffee" - best $1 I ever spent). Paper Source has holiday themed sticker sheets - I bought mine a few years ago and still have plenty to use (see "Love from Santa" and "Open This One First" stickers on gifts above). As for ribbon and twine, I suggest you first take a look at what you have at home (we all have recycled ribbon somewhere) before going out to purchase more. For basic ribbons, you can't go wrong with the Dollar Tree - I got their 9 yard gold ribbon and love it - just keep in mind what you're looking for to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by all the options. Costco also has a great selection - I got my red ribbon there for $6 last year and there is still so much left! 

Another way to tie your gift together is by getting some jingle bells (I got mine from the Dollar Tree), tie two or three together and attach it to the ribbon on the box. I also like to attach faux red berry stems to some gifts to add that holiday charm.


At the end of the day, wrapping gifts can be fun if we want it to be. 

Make it yours, and don't worry if everything doesn't turn out quite exactly as you imagined - this happens to me every time, but the recipient of the gift won't even know (until you tell them your efforts, obviously)


Tis the Season,


The Girl Who Will Wrap Your Presents for a Cup of Coffee

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