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8 Favorite Things: August


If you didn't know this about me, I consider myself to be a fairly minimal person - I don't go out searching for new trends on the regular, I don't enjoy trying new things unless it comes highly recommended or my mind suddenly decides to be spontaneous and love it.


That said, whatever I recommend in this space is not done lightly.


The ability to go online and be introduced to something new and helpful is one of the main reasons I use the internet. Some reviews are a little off, but for the most part, others' input has saved me time, energy and money.


Items on this list are in no particular order, nor will they all fall in the same category.

Simply put, I want to share what myself or my family currently loves or have loved for several months, some of them years. Take it from the one who is pretty critical and minimal: it's all good. I'm not affiliated or sponsored by any of these brands - again, I just want to share what we use and enjoy!


Let me know if you end up finding something new to you and how you like it!

Augus 21 Favorites

I started using a dry brush when I was pregnant with Sequoia as a way of "self-care", and have continued to do it at least 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes as part of my pre-shower routine. 

Why dry brush?

It's a simple way to exfoliate and promote your skin health (rid of dead skin cells, cell turnover), as well as support lymphatic drainage (increased circulation of the blood stream).  This particular brush is from Amazon, though you can find them almost anywhere. 

When I spotted the travel size spray bottle of the only toner I use, and for $5, I had to grab it (especially for the dry months). This is perfect for most if not all skin types, refreshing and uplifting for on-the-go. I keep mine in my purse and the diaper at all times. Best facial spray hands down. The full size bottle of the toner is linked here.

For when you crave chocolate, need a good boost of energy, and also want to feel like you had something "healthy" while you're out running errands or hitting the books. Enter the protein bites from Enjoy Life. Each small package comes with 4 balls of dark chocolate raspberry goodness, packed with protein, too. Go ahead, buy one for every day of the week (or for each errand you're running this week, I won't tell). I snagged mine from Trader Joe's for $1.29 / package.

Honesty hour: I've collected four bowls over 4 years. I really don't shop at Anthropologie often, and whenever I do go it's for their kitchen section (1. because their items are so unique and fun to mix-and-match, and 2. I choose not to spend $80 on a t-shirt). The bowls I have are in different colors, yet they still go so well when used with guests. You can purchase these in sets of 4 or 6 in pre-selected color palettes, or you can choose individual colors based on your preference. 

My eyebrows are naturally on the fuller side - but I still like to fill and give a little more shape to them. I've tried a lot of eyebrow pencils and gels and when it comes to price, ease of use, shades, and how long it lasts - I give this a 5 star rating. The only down side is as it goes with most eyebrow pencils', it can get used up fairly quickly (I go through one every couple months). That's still a steal - especially when it's the only thing I use to put myself together most days.

I just need a really good laugh sometimes - especially now with so much going on in the world around us. A friend introduced me to this podcast last year, and I've been soaking in every episode. Jenna Fischer(Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) from the television series The Office lead this fun and light podcast together. Each week, they break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind-the-scene stories. whether or not you have seen the show, it's a great podcast to start - it's honestly one of the few I actually enjoy. Available anywhere podcasts are listened to!

I'm not a jewelry person - truly. High school and college days, I had a few "statement" necklaces (that I wore maybe twice), and wore stud earrings when I felt fancy - but that was it. Fast forward to today, I have three simple necklaces and three pairs of earrings: one of those is the live-in hoop earrings from Made by Mary. They have four sizes - I have the smallest size (12mm) and wear them every single day - once you put them on, you'll forget you had them in the first place (until you walk past a mirror and think "oh, hey gorgeous").

Okay - this one's for the kiddos (unless you're an adult who likes to read children's books - no judgement). I'm a fan of the classics, but when I come across a book for Sequoia with gorgeous illustrations and the content is not all "fluff", I'm reaching for it. Who's Hiding on the River by McEwen and Crow is such a fun way to learn about the animals that go under the radar (next to the farm and house pets, I mean, come on). It includes over 20 flaps and facts about the different critters in the river (day to night).

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