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Rental Kitchen Re-new

for under $50

Image by Uliana Kopanytsia

the new year inspires me in different ways each time, as I'm sure it does for a lot of us. I sure can't manage to stick to a solid workout regime, but I'll be damned if I don't attempt to freshen up at least one of the rooms in our house within the first month. 

Just before we to get right into why we're all here today:

you don't need to drop a ton of cash to make a space feel and look like new. 

All it takes is moving what you already have and buying second hand or sale items to rotate with the current counter top residents.

The process was honestly just looking at what we already had, what we knew we wanted to or could donate or toss, how we can re-organize (or better organize), how to create an area that felt like "us" and contributed to a sensible and creative space, and what we'd need while sticking to a budget. 

That's what brings us to the list below (at the end I'll link some items we had prior to the "re-new" and kept because they're too good to let go).

no rush Playlist

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- wall paper (white with black lines) - $6

- jars 

- printable for wall (measurements or herbs or both / cheap frames ($8)

- light brown utensils 

- moving cook books 

- plant on fridge

- fridge basket for coupon / cards (dollar tree and comman strips)

- paper towel holder

- fruit / veggie bowl (?)

- new dish towels $3-$6

- reusable cleaning towel

- drawer organizers 

ITEMS kept not included in the re-new

- chemex 

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