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Diaper Bag for Toddler's

what's inside and where to grab yours

my toddler diaper bag essentials: what we use and where to get it

writing this almost feels like a moot point, because when you're a parent or guardian at this stage in a child's life, you have an idea of what you get the most use out of since they were born.


However, from personal experience, I continue to learn of new ways to put our stuff together or even a few new-to-us items to toss in the bag before we head out (I'm pretty sure nobody needs to hear that we pack diapers and wipes, so I'll exclude that).


Note: whatever we see from how bags are put together, remember they will eventually get messy, unorganized and all around difficult to find what you need. That's life, no diaper bag is going to stay in pristine condition all the live long day and that's okay. The point is to make it useful and know where the things you need are when you need them (and to have them on hand in the first place).

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Toddler Diaper Bag

the bag itself

we have the Freshly Picked...

What's Inside

Here is what we included in each of the bags - one of the following for each:

  • face / hand wipes
    • You can't go wrong with stickers for kids at this age - try not to get anything too small, they might still be interested in eating anything . I opted for the cat and dog stickers with sunglasses along with one's with donuts (because there is not reason to explain that one)

  • travel safe toys and crafts
  • thin blanket
  • snacks on snacks on snacks​
    • one fruity, one savory and one current favorite

  • change of clothes and bag
    • based on the weather

  • For mom and dad

    • throat spray​

    • sanitizer hand spray

    • snacks: current go-to's are Chomps and 

    • carry away bag

    • note pad / pen

    • charger

    • little book

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