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No Rush: Spotify Playlist


Similar to my thoughts from in my Worship Through the Motions post, I believe there is a similar sense of healing found within the music composed around topic of loss.

Not like the "I lost my keys" or "my dog ran away" kind of loss. The kind where you still expect someone's phone call but know you won't get it. 

There's a common saying about the grieving process in that it "comes in waves". 

Having experienced the wave-like tendencies of grief, I know it's not just because it comes and goes, or because the tide changes so quickly yet consistently. 

So far I've learned that no matter the amount of time, you can't always predict if the wave is going to be choppy or clean. If it's a wipeout or not. 

Some days, it's a blip - and other's are quite the contrary. 

Since I am no stranger to music, I created a playlist as somewhat of a sanctuary on the days where I've had my share of wipeouts.

When the words are hard to connect, and someone else brings them to life in song. 

When I feel stuck, and playing the piano pulls apart the glue.

When the ache is too much to carry, and the simple act of belting out to a song on the radio relieves the weight, even if just by an ounce. 


There are other things, of course, that steer us in the process of grieving- like therapy, opening up to people you trust, or doing something physical like exercise, create or bake.

I believe music is a portable safe haven - and I wanted to share this playlist for anyone in need of one.

Whether everything is raw, or you feel ache from the void still, my hope is for you to find words to connect with, rhythms to sway to, and have memories on repeat to the sound of the chorus playing through your headphones or resounding loudly on the speakers in your space.

Oh, and if you were curious: the playlist is titled "no rush" because I don't believe grief should be something we blow past as if we'll be better off without walking with and through loss. 

Also, there are a ton of playlist's titled "grief" out there with one-too-many country songs or movie soundtracks - I can't get with that. 

no rush Playlist

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