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Our Favorite Mugs

& where to get them

Hi, welcome here: I love coffee. And Tea. And really anything that can be heated up and put into a cozy, unique and often sentimental mug.

I recently asked you guys via a poll on Instagram whether or not you'd like a "mug tour" (some of our favorite mugs, where we got them, etc.) - and since there was a resounding yes (and it's just fun to share this with you) here is a post dedicated to that.

Below, you'll find a majority of our mugs listed, with links of where you can purchase them (or a similar one, if the one we have is no longer available).

I hope you find a new fun addition to your collection - happy sipping!

1. For Fun

The one's we bought "just because". 

2. Disney

These all came from the same place: Downtown Disney's "World of Disney" shop. I seriously didn't realize these wouldn't be on the market anymore since I got them all less than 10 years ago. What's linked is the best look alike I can find - however, the last one is out there...for a price that is beyond me. 

3. Seasonal

- Blue / Gold "Christmas" Mug - Etsy (originally from Anthropologie)

- Autumn Themed Mug - Etsy

4. Sentimental 

There was a reason related to family as to why these were gifted or purchased ourselves. 

- Mama Mug

- Monogram Mug - Anthropologie

- Sequoia National Park - Etsy (originally bought at a shop in the Sequoia's)

5. Cool like Jason

I didn't want to be gender specific here, because honestly I use his "dad life is the best life" mug more then my mama mug. These were mugs that were gifted to Jason over the past few years (however, there are some that I bought him that are in different categories because I've deemed them as my own). 

- Cow Mug - gifted by Jason's parents at a store in the middle of nowhere

- Dad Life is the Best Life - Etsy (originally bought from Marshall's)

- Narwhal - Etsy (originally from Anthropologie)

- Giraffe "keep your head up" - Etsy (originally from World Market)