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One-Liner's, and No Place To Go

Unfortunately for some, this isn't about dad jokes or pick-up lines.

I'm more of a sarcastic laugh at my own comments kind of person as I drink my coffee and silently judge with a smile - not so much an improvisational pun starter (though, I do appreciate those who can!).

That's beside the point, but you're welcome for the random fact.

A current struggle of mine is what is famously known as "the writer's block". This can be when you are in front of your computer, or with pen and paper, staring into the abyss of blank space feeling led to write, yet have no words.

Or when an idea has brewed and you feel inspired, but the message becomes lost in the midst of a 2,000+ word tangent on retail therapy and comparison.

So, my compromise is to compile the current "one-liners" (or really, paragraph-ers? whatever, it's a word on Tuesday's) that make up the 15 drafts sitting in my blogs' que.

1. Social media is not always the right place to go when you're hungry to build a solid community to rely on. It is where you can grow your current one or discover friends in places you never thought possible.

As someone who has done this, let me just tell you, it's not or everyone - and that's okay.

2. Someone else's highlight reel does not mean you suck. I honestly can't say it any other way. Also, spoiler alert: God is not limited to doing work on the main screen, but behind the scenes. Continuing on the topic of social media - it's confusing, great and stupid. It's great (for some people...) to connect with family, friends and reaching others who we other wise would lose contact with right away. There are also downsides - like seeing how people fill their grid with gorgeous, fun and exciting photos and news, or comparison, or when you message someone and they don't respond because you were weird in high school or whatever. Some may think "What in the heck am I doing with my life?" as they drink their basic coffee in their basic jeans doing basic HR tasks. It's me - they is me. And my basic jeans bring me life, okay?

Back to my point: I know people are going to share what they want to share (it's your page and your voice, so do as your please if it doesn't harm yourself or others) - my main piece of advice is if your intent is to "be real", quit sharing only the beautifully crafted photos on your feed. "Well, it's not my fault people have issues with comparing themselves to my grand way of life". That's right - and by sharing how life is always grand, even with immense blessing, is false. So check yourself.

3. You can be a kind human, and love Jesus. 2020 has created a flip in some people's perspective in assuming if you love God, you must be a judgmental prude. False. There are terrible people in every race, culture, religion and background. That doesn't allow us to put a blanket statement on said group. Be reasonable, too: don't assume everyone's intention is bad, and also don't assume everyone is inherently great.

4. Walking the talk (without permission or applause) requires you to believe that other people's definition of who you are means very little. I am a true believer that in order to grow in any area of life, we need to seek wisdom from other's who came before us; we need counseling; we need honest friendships who will tell it straight and not beat around the bush (I am that friend - if you need a good talking to, reach out). It ultimately takes you to make the changes you want to see. Stop waiting on someone to tell you the path required or the steps to take. Figure it out and go for it.

5. It's easier to believe God is there when things are great, or even when things are gut-wrenchingly terrible and we've never felt so alone.

But to comprehend there is a God sitting with us on the floor in the middle - the waiting, searching, mindless scrolling - is beyond terrifying. Why? when things are great, we see God so clearly. when things are hard, we search longingly and feel God's peace like a lifting weight off our chest.

When in the middle - it's quiet, it can go either way, depending on where we set our mind, heart and actions.

To trust God doesn't leave us for something better when we feel our worst. To understand He is with us - always - is so important.

He see's you hurting. He hears your praise. He hears your doubts. He knows your heart (yeah, even the bad parts). In all seasons His love and view toward you doesn't falter.

6. You don't need to be seen or even heard to make an impact.

There's no reason to hold yourself to this standard of appearance to entertain or influence (preaching so extremely loudly to myself, it hurts). Our intentions, when influenced by the thought of fame or acceptance of others, becomes a weak and unsteady path. Whenever I start to fall apart, it's traced back to "why am I doing this". When it's a weak why, there's no strong follow through or results.

7. Giving thanks for your past (garbage and all), present (joys and anxieties alike) and unknown future (cause what the heck is happening) can shift your mindset in a minute. Try it.

8. Don't wait for others' act of kindness before doing your own. It hurts to hear a lot of Christians speak of God's grace and love, only to shut out others who don't appear as they would prefer. Or even exclude people who think differently. What kind of witness of God's love is that? How can the church expect people to see them as an open door policy, safe place when we don't even treat one another with grace or forgiveness? We shouldn't live to glorify man, or strive to walk a path that is desired by people in order to be accepted, but be so entrapped by God's love and truth that we

9. I don't know who needs to hear this, but: it's okay to not be a unicorn rainbow leprechaun queen. If you are, cool. If you aren't, fantastic. No time like 2020 to feel like you are not accepted by others for who you are - when you're a stay at home, keep to yourself kind of person, that is. So often we see the "go-getters" and the "hustlers" at the forefront of the "what brings me joy" crowd. It's okay if you find a good time in a frozen pizza and online shopping at Target. God forbid you pick the same item off the menu every. single. time. Or prefer to watch the same show every Friday night and visit the same friends every week. Long term happiness is not brought in quality, babe. If you can't tell, I'm a home-body and pretty okay with it.

10. Challenges are hard and also so good. They never "feel" great in the moment, but what can follow (and in the midst of the struggle) are opportunities to learn, accept, grow and build a-new. I've gone through a fair share in my 27 years of living - and I know without the moments of crippling anxiety, loneliness, doubt, and anger - I wouldn't fully understand the beautiful simplicity of Grace or what is truly good.

With a cup of water but still dehydrated,


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