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Vegan Avocado and Spicy Cashew "Dump-Bowl"

I considered naming this what I truly call it at home - a "dump bowl" - because for me that's more of an inclination to eat it than a "salad".

Most meals in this household are some rendition of a "dump bowl" that doesn't quite consist of typical salad ingredients - once you begin making several meals in to be eaten from a bowl, the possibilities are endless.

This bowl is made up of ingredients that not only taste good, but they also have varying medicinal properties. By this I mean everything is nutrient dense, vibrant and rich in antioxidants. For example, the dreaded tofu has lots of protein and the 9 essential amino acids, iron, zinc and calcium. That's a whole lot of good in a small package, if you ask me.

Now the vegan aspect wasn't intentional - I happened to grab this pre-cooked tofu (because I don't trust myself with this stuff) to see if Sequoia would like it, given what it was made of, and sure enough it tasted incredible (At least compared to the garbage I imagined it would taste like).

One message I want to bring across is you don't need to have the fancy stuff to make delicious and healthy food. You don't need to know how to work the stove, the stuff they show

on the Food Network, or cook flawlessly like those who have done it as a profession for years.

A lot of good things are simple - like this one. Here's to making good food simple.


Vegan Avocado and

Spicy Cashew Bowl

Combine the following ingredients in the portion of your choice in a bowl:

Butter lettuce

pre-cooked tofu

Grape tomatoes, sliced

Saurkraut or sliced black olives

roasted chickpeas

White mushroom, sliced

Avocado, thinly sliced


Trader Joes' Spicy Cashew Butter Dressing

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