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Quoia's Autumn Staples

the "what, where and why" for this seasons' picks 

As if dressing yourself wasn't hard enough - well, at least on the days you decided not to wear a pullover, yoga pants and sneakers.

Speaking for myself, the act of shopping for tiny human clothes is overwhelming.

There are thousands of children's clothing stores out there, leaving you with millions of choices to make whenever your child grows out of those pants you bought last week. (hizzah, parenting).

Finding practical, budget friendly, minimal and on-trend baby clothes is a piece of work - and that's where this post takes some of the load off.


I've gathered our 11 month old's Fall / Winter staple pieces (some we have, some I just ordered - hooray online shopping) and I wanted to share the haul with anyone looking for comfortable, high-quality, timeless pieces for the little one(s) in their life (or little ones on the way!). 

why buy minimal, sustainable clothes ... for babies?

A lot of these pieces aren't what many would consider "budget friendly" (at first glance) - here's where the minimalistic approach comes in. As we consider ourselves to be a minimal household, staying cautious about what we purchase in general, Jas and I knew we wanted to apply that same mindset when it came to Quoia - toys, books, and closet. To be more intentional and not glutinous in our shopping habits (which can be extremely tough now-a-days, especially with seasonal releases or photos of other babies wearing the cutest outfit). 

Rather than buy 10-20 pairs of bottoms, for example, we stick to buying 2-3 pairs for a total lesser value (even though the individual pair of pants/shorts may cost a little more). When possible, we go to a local thrift store and see if we can find a couple of items in her size - second hand shopping may surprise you (in a good way)!

Now when I say "sustainable", I mean these items are very unlikely to shrink when washed. Babies are messy creatures - leaving us to clean them (and their clothes) a lot.  Several of the pieces I recommend below last months (yes, months) and have definitely saved us a chunk money in the long run. 

You're telling me you don't have any spares??

OF COURSE WE DO - we still have a handful of basic white onesies and footie pajama's on hand because 1) we don't enjoy doing laundry every other day and 2) she goes to day care, so we always need a little more than we would have. However, with the little we have, and the few extra pieces of clothing her day care has on hand, we still feel we could do less. But we don't want a naked baby when it gets cold, and I don't expect my child to be on the red carpet anytime soon.

That said: I get a majority of Sequoia's "basics" from either Target, Amazon, or a second hand store (or hand-me-downs). By basics I mean footie pajamas and onesies. 


Be practical and mindful - and don't go overboard - they grow FAST, and we don't have to spend every dollar we earn on their clothes, remember?

on to the good stuff

1) Bottoms

Kindred Clothing Co ($22 ; 0mos - 6T) 

Q has a couple pairs of their bamboo/cotton leggings and I want a pair for myself - they are extremely soft, durable, stretchy and long lasting! I bought her current pair (size 9-12 months) when she was 6 months old and she was able to start wearing them right away with a little room, of course. I just purchased some more in black and chestnut from their new FW line in the next size up.


ZaraKids ($10-$15; 6mos - 5T)

These green patterned leggings are going to be warn so much in the next several months. Q previously had a pair of hot pink ribbed leggings from Zara and they were such a fun and out of the ordinary piece - kids need to have some fun things to wear, right? 

2) Sweaters & Jackets

H&M Kids ($10-$18; 4mos - 4T) - this is one of those stores where I didn't know they also had children's clothes until I had a baby: checks the boxes for sustainable, budget friendly and comfy. And are you kidding me with this textured-knit sweater?

ZaraKids ($15-$36; 6mos - 5T) - Their sweater collection is no joke. I got Q this mock neck sweatshirt, similar to a basic pull over, but with a classy twist. If you end up getting some things here, keep in mind they run a little large (but we like that, because then they last longer!). Other perks with Zara: they have new deals every week on select items, and release new items quite often - so if they run out of something you had your eye on, chances are, you'll find something even better for your little one. When Q was 6 months, we got a cardigan similar to this one and it still fits (got the 6-9 mos. size). 

Also got this rain coat - they have a HUGE variety of options and price ranges (and great quality, too).

Kindred Clothing Co ($31; 0mos - 6T) - they have several new printed pullovers in a variety of colors like lavender, charcoal, "juniper" (just go see for yourself, it's gorgeous!) and chestnut. I purchased the "Wonderfully Made" pull over in size 1T-2T.

3) Tops & Dresses

HavenKids ($30; 12mos-9T)- the prairie dresses are a go-to in this house. Bought the first dress when Q was 3 months old, and she's now wearing it as a blouse. I love how versatile these dresses are - and the fabric cannot be beat! We also have a sweater dress from a line they no longer have - but keep an eye out for their Fall line coming out September 3, 2020!

Quincy Mae ($20 - $30; 0mos - 3T) - beautiful tones and can be layered for the cooler months. We have the tank ribbed dress in mustard and the ribbed long sleeve dress in sea foam. 

Target's Art Class ($13 - $20; 1T - 5T) - we love this stretchy and durable ribbed dress and  this 3/4 sleeve pom dress from the Fall line. 

ZaraKids ($5 - $26; 3mos - 5T) 

Making decisions with Zara's tops is a difficult task, I know. I had to fight the urge to buy more than what I was already planning to get (3-5 tops total...or maybe six if there's a steal). Went with a blouse, a few simple long sleeve tops and a couple of t-shirts that can be layered since they were only $5! 

4) Shoes, Socks & Tights

Hudson Baby Fleece Booties ($6-$10; 0mos - 4T) - these were a life saver when Q was a newborn in the colder months. I loathed using baby socks because she would move her little feet so much they would come off. Enter the Hudson Baby Fleece Booties, super cheap, washable and keep those little toes nice and warm. 

PiperFinn Mary-Janes (soft-soles) (size 1-5; $32) - we have had a few pairs of PiperFinn's shoes and adore them. But now that she'll be USING them, we'll love them even more! I made the mistake of getting shoes with laces - not until she can tie them herself. Strap all the way for little ones under 2 years are recommended. Q is between sizes 3 and 4, so we got a 4. 

BirdRockBaby Moccasins ($20 - $25; size 2 - 9.5) - Every kid should have at least one pair of fun shoes that can still go with everything (same concept goes for us adults). These rose gold moccasins fit the bill for comfort, durability and style. These happen to be their "Mocc of the Month" - where one pair of moccasins is $20 instead of the original $25.

Jamie Kay Frill Socks ($5-$7; newborn - 10T)

baby socks are a joke when it comes to babies - but as all mama's know, the one's that go over the calves are life savers. I only ever needed four pairs, max (keep in mind, she is only 11 months, so doesn't get too much wear out of them). Recently got the blueberry and oat. 

JamieKay Tights ($10; newborn - 6T) - super soft and will keep your babe's legs warm when wearing a dress and is super stretchy!