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Worship Through the Motions

Fact: I love music.


If you've followed along with me for any length of time, you know I have a tendency to share a peak into what my current playlist looks like.


I was raised in a home where there was always sound on in the background - whether it be coming from a CD, the radio, someone singing improvisationally, instruments playing down the hall. And it's become something I lean toward in my highest and lowest moments in life. It's something we gladly carry on in our home to this day.


Within the songs we choose to listen to, or the ones that come on the radio or inside the grocery store. stories are being told - reminders of empowerment are being offered - and all while being displayed in a variety of sounds, rhythms, vocals, and inspirations.

When it comes to worship music (speaking in particularly about the Christian genre), there's a different level of connection with the lyrics of the song when the rhythm and beat can get us moving (hello, random dance / worship sessions in the kitchen while barefoot are the best). To those who believe it's to seek attention, it's actually possible to have so much joy that you can't help but dance in amazement for what God is doing (and also, it's just fun, so maybe loosen up a bit?).


If your current playlist doesn't get you moving, take a listen to the songs I have on repeat below - the progression on some of them are no joke.


Anyways, I can go on and on about how music has impacted my life, especially the songs filled with the goodness of our God - but for now, I'll leave us with Worship Through the Motions Spotify playlist (linked below).


These are what I turn to when God feels distant - when I feel unseen, unheard, that I have a lack of purpose, that I don't matter, or that I'm not enough. 


I know there is an endless fount of music genre's that bring a similar sense of circling back to what matters - but this hits it for me.

The number one message that rings throughout all of what I share below is how astoundingly unlimited God's love is for each of us - no mountain high and no valley low - yep, even in our lowest of lows.


I hope you can find a sense of hope and power through the sound beating through your headphones or pounding on the speakers in your space.

Worship Through the Motions Playlist

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